How to wrap your baby 

Our fabric are woven in a jacquard bond and therefore they are diagonal elasticity, so you can also wear older and heavier babies with the sling.

Our fabrics are especially suitable for newborns. You can keep your baby very close to the body thanks to the sling - thats good for you and your baby!

There are many ways to wrap a baby sling.
You can find many videos and tutorials on the Internet on this topic.

Here we introduce the 3 most common binding techniques:


This binding is particularly suitable for already larger and especially heavy babies. With the backpack carrier you relieve your back.

You will need some practice for this type of wrap, but if you master it you will love it. Find someone to help you and practice with a doll.


The wrap cross tie is our favorite! We recommend this bond for beginners and newborns, but you can use this tying way for a long time. Your baby's weight spreads wonderfully on your shoulders, back and over your hips. Your baby is always in reach and feels your heart.

Crosswrap Side

The side cross carry is suitable for children who are a bit taller and want to explore their surroundings. You tie the cross on your hip and have your hands free. The weight is pleasantly distributed on the back, shoulders and hips. Your child will love this tie.

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